Portfolio-wide solar solutions.

Globally, renewables are expected to represent 85% of electricity production.

Climate change, energy security, green premiums and legislation are the driving change. Commercially and reputationally, you will benefit by keeping ahead of the curve.

As a landlord, you will have different levels of capital to deploy, different strategies for investment, different ownership timelines for your properties. HomeSun can work with all of this.

Real estate owners need a solar partner with scale and flexible business models.

With a successful track record in sustainability and delivery of 'institutional grade' solar assets, HomeSun brings scale, expertise and customisable business models to electrification.

Free from day 1

With free solar-as-a-service, you have green energy from day one. HomeSun provides the system at no cost and takes on all responsibility in relation to ownership and installation – from analysis of project viability through to, operating, insuring and maintaining the solar project. The projects can be rooftop or car park.


Free solar comes with a PPA. We sign this with the property owner - who then becomes the utility provider for tenants – or with the long lease tenant. For the customer, a PPA means no upfront costs, no CAPEX, no legal, technical or operational risk to manage. The only cost is electricity at a pre-agreed rate.

“ We used to assess offices purely on the basis of financial metrics. The conversation has moved on and now the metrics on sustainability and human experience are becoming equally important. ”