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HomeSun specialises in ‘green’ home improvements that cut energy bills and cost customers as close to £zero as possible.


We work with homeowners, private landlords and their agents, as well as councils and social housing. In each case, we’re looking for best fit, best value solutions that are good for our customers and our environment.

We deliver quality work, excellent customer service and we’d love to hear from you.


Air source heat pumps

The Government’s Renewable Heat Incentive pays you to switch from your existing boiler  …

Park Home insulation

External wall and underfloor insulation will cut heating bills and improve comfort levels ..


Wall, floor and roof insulation are important and simple first steps to cutting your heating bills and tackling climate change ..

The energy saving products delivered by HomeSun alongside grant schemes such as the Green Homes Grant (now ended) and the RHI, are helping UK homeowners and landlords to cut their heating bills as well as their carbon footprint.  We are proud to be helping make homes more sustainable and to tackle fuel poverty.