As a landlord in England you can now get vouchers to help cut the cost of making your properties more energy efficient, under a new Government scheme known as the Green Homes Grant. The scheme aims to boost the economy and help households become more energy efficient, as part of a bigger investment in green technology to make the UK carbon neutral by 2050.

Our homes contribute up to 25% of the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions and energy demand, some of the least efficient in Europe. And the government has already indicated that it expects residential rental properties to be achieving an Energy Performance Certificate rating of D or better by 2025, making these works essential for many rental properties. The grants will help landlords get there, with vouchers able to be used for a wide number of improvements, including wall, under-floor and roof insulation, low carbon heating technologies, and solar thermal systems.

The scheme won’t only benefit landlords, but also the residents themselves. Greener homes mean lower energy bills, and lower bills mean happier tenants. In fact, it’s a win-win all round, as the Green Homes Grant scheme will also help to create jobs for a huge number of people, so you can feel good about cutting energy waste, saving money, helping fight climate change and creating jobs!

Vouchers will be worth about two-thirds of the cost of the improvements you make, up to £5,000. But depending on the type of property and resident, there could be vouchers of up to £10,000 per dwelling.

Insulation plays a key role in the scheme, with a wide range of insulation covered by the vouchers from insulation for cavity walls and underfloor, to external insulation for solid wall and park homes. HomeSun is working with Landlords, property managers and tenants on insulation measures to make the most of the grants for the benefit of everyone involved and to help the UK meet its environmental targets. Our role is to organise your application and insulation for your property.

So don’t let worries about the red tape put you off, all you have to do is to register your details and properties with HomeSun and you’re sorted. The expert team at HomeSun will do a free desk-top survey, then site survey the most appropriate properties and recommend the best use of Green Home Grants.  As part of the service, HomeSun will organise all communications with residents and run EPCs for each flat as required. There will be a FREEPHONE Customer Helpline provided to answer any questions residents might have.

The HomeSun service includes market-leading approved insulation materials installed by expert teams as well as a long term CIGA guarantee to give you complete peace of mind.  And that’s it – a hassle free way for you and your residents to save money and reduce emissions. But Government is opening up Green Home Grants for just 6 months – so the faster you are able to move, the more likely that your properties will benefit from the grant.

The team at HomeSun can help you to get it before it’s gone, simply register now via the online form or call the friendly Customer Service team on 0207 887 2280.

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