Green Homes Grant Vouchers

Closed to new applications

While this scheme has closed, we will keep you updated about new government funding for green home improvements as they unfold.

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Closing date for new applications is 31st March

Free government funded vouchers for £5,000 and £10,000 are available now. Register before the budget runs out!


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If you applied for a Green Homes Grant using a quote from HomeSun, please send your application reference number to us:

Once your voucher is issued by the Government, we will be notified and will get in touch with you to organise a MCS survey and to schedule the installation.

If you applied for insulation on your park home, we’ll be scheduling work around the country on a park-by-park basis.


What’s included?

If you have applied for a voucher already, see what improvements are included in the Scheme

Primary Improvements

Insulation: Solid wall, cavity wall, under-floor, loft, flat roof, room in roof, park home.
Low carbon heat: Air source heat pump, ground source heat pump, solar thermal

So long as there is at least one primary measure in the package of works, homes will also be able to install secondary improvements (subsidised up to the amount of subsidy provided for primary improvement).

Secondary Improvements

Draught proofing, windows and doors: Upgrading to energy efficient glazing and doors.
Heating controls and insulation: appliance thermostats, hot water tank thermostats, hot water tank insulation, smart heating controls, zone controls, delayed start thermostat, thermostatic radiator valves

For low-carbon heating to be installed, households will need to have adequate insulation (e.g. wall and loft, where applicable). These can be installed as part of a package – they do not have to already be in situ.