The Green Homes Grant is a £2 billion scheme that was recently announced by Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak as “a vital part of our plan for jobs as we secure the UK’s economic recovery from coronavirus.”  This scheme has been created with the intention of funding up to two-thirds of homeowners’ costs (up to the limit of £5,000) in making energy saving improvements to their homes. This limit extends to cover the entire cost of such improvements for those receiving certain benefits in addition to being on low incomes, up to the grant’s limit of £10,000. Sunak has also said the following on the matter: “This is going to be a green recovery with concern for our environment at its heart…It will help to protect and create jobs, whilst also saving people money and cutting carbon emissions.”

The Green Homes Grant Scheme – Am I Eligible?

There are various different factors that will determine whether or not you’re eligible for the green homes grant scheme, also referred to as the Green Homes Voucher Scheme. The following criteria will have to be met in order to be in with a chance of successfully applying for the Green Homes Grant Scheme:

  • The property must be in England
  • You are a homeowner or a private/social landlord.
  • Improvements using funds from the Green Homes Scheme are completed by 31st March 2021.

The amount you are eligible to apply for will vary depending on your personal circumstances. As a reminder for those on low incomes and receiving specified types of benefits, you may be eligible to have the entire cost for your home improvements covered, up to a maximum £10,000 limit. For those who do not meet the low-income and benefits criteria, you may be eligible to apply for a maximum two-thirds of the specified home improvements, up to a limit of £5,000. Note also however, only certain types of home improvements are eligible for funding.

What Will the Green Homes Grant Scheme Fund?

In addition to eligibility criteria for the applicant, only certain home improvements are allowable, categorised  as “primary” and “secondary” measures.

Primary Measures

You will need to apply a minimum of one primary measure to be eligible for funding. ‘Measures’ are as follows:

Insulation Measures:

Low Carbon Heat Measures:

  • Biomass boilers
  • Solar thermal
  • Air/group source heat pump

Secondary Measures

If one or more primary measures are installed as part of your home improvement, you may also be able to use the Green Homes Grant scheme to fund secondary measures. These secondary measures can include:

  • Draught proofing
  • Heating controls
  • Double or triple glazing (conditions may apply)
  • Hot water tank thermostats and insulation
  • External energy efficient doors (conditions may apply)

However, the amount the Green Homes Grant scheme funds for secondary measures cannot be more than the amount it funds for primary measures.

Can I Use a Green Homes Grant When I Already Have These Measures?

This depends. Whilst funds from this scheme can’t be used to completely replace the applicable measures that already exist in your property, you might be able to use the fund to essentially “top up” these measures so that they reach the recommended levels. This includes, for example, additional loft insulation.

How Do I Apply for the Green Homes Grant Scheme?

Applications for the Green Homes Grant are open now via the government’s website. Our aim is to make the gathering of quotes and the submission of applications as smooth, easy and efficient as possible. For more information and to apply, get in touch with HomeSun by calling us on 020 7887 2280 or by filling in our online application form.