Case Studies

Case Studies

Balmoral Court, Kings Avenue, W5 2SJ

HomeSun benefitted these flats with with free insulation, fully funded through the government’s ECO initiative.

The insulation resulted in significantly cutting energy bills for residents, and it’s estimated to have reduced lifetime carbon emissions by a huge 329.35 tonnes of CO2, with an average unit saving of 27.446 tonnes.

Not only has this zero cost process reduced condensations and draughts within Balmoral Court, HomeSun has also saved residents up to anything between £450 and £1,500 (the normal cost of cavity wall insulation), as well as saving them up to 20% every single year off their heating bills.

Brixton Hill Court, Brixton Hill, SW2 1QY

HomeSun wrapped this building in a snug jumper made of white wool insulation material and gave all the residents a warmer flat for Christmas.

Using a cherry picker to reach the higher floors and with a turnaround of 3 days, this beautiful building was transformed internally into a building which helps keep the heat in and consequently energy bills 20% lower. The carbon emissions which were saved from this work for 65 flats equalled 625 tonnes of CO2 for a lifetime carbon.

David Court, Lansdowne Road, N17 9XW

We used ECO funding to insulate this privately owned blocks of flats. It is 100% free of charge to the Landlord and residents.

Working closely with the carefully selected specialised contractors, much of the insulation work was carried out with the use of mobile elevated work platforms. This keeps visual and physical impact to a minimum. The insulation works will significantly cut energy bills for residents, and it’s estimated to reduce lifetime carbon emissions by 90 tonnes of CO2.

The work has a CIGA guarantee of 25 years.