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The coalition Government has announced that it is seeking permission to appeal in the Supreme Court the Judicial Review ruling that it acted unlawfully in trying to make retrospective changes to the FIT. The decision means a scandalous waste of taxpayers’ money.

Daniel Green, CEO of HomeSun, says:

“We are hugely disappointed that Ed Davey is choosing to pursue an expensive lost cause rather than working with the industry to build a successful future for solar.

“Four Judges, one at Judicial Review and three in The Court of Appeal, ruled that the Government had acted unlawfully in setting a retrospective ‘reference’ date for the FITs cut. We wonder why Ed Davey wants to be a loser. He wasn’t the orchestrator of the Feed-in Tariff fiasco so why does he want it on his CV?

“There is no need to appeal to the Supreme Court. DECC has already achieved its objective of a solar-slowdown. Figures* just out on the DECC website show that there has been a 90 per cent reduction in solar PV installations and capacity over the last nine weeks compared to the nine weeks prior to 12th December 2011. Greg Barker’s claim that this “extra time” could cost £1.5bn has now been proved to be completely unfounded.

“This has now become just a face-saving exercise for DECC paid for by the taxpayer.”

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Notes to editors

If DECC loses again, in addition for DECC’s cost of these legal challenges, there will also be significant six figure costs to be paid to the other parties by the public.

About HomeSun

HomeSun, the solar specialist, has been making it easy for thousands of homeowners to generate their own energy with Free Solar and SolarShare, with free maintenance for 25 years.

HomeSun led the legal challenge against the Government over its mismanagement of the consultation on the Feed-in Tariff comprehensive review Phase 1. This resulted in both a Judicial Review and The Court of Appeal finding unlawful the Government’s action of placing a ‘reference date’ eleven days before the end of consultation period.

HomeSun has a big vision that is almost breathtakingly simple: we want to make home renewable energy commonplace, starting with Solar PV. At HomeSun, we’d like to think that homes that aren’t self-sufficient in some way will be the odd ones out, not the other way round. So, we are going to use our commitment and business ingenuity to break down barriers of price and confusing complexity, and to make it easy for homes to generate their own energy. Energy that is clean, that saves people money, improves their homes' value and cuts carbon emissions.

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Mary Burtt

HomeSun Public Relations Manager

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* Weekly solar PV installation and capacity, Stats up to week ending 12 February 2012

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