Free solar in Shropshire

Shropshire- Thousands of customers now have free solar installations from HomeSun.

Thanks to the government-backed Feed-in Tariff scheme, HomeSun has been able to install solar panels free of charge in Shropshire on eligible roofs - and even with UK weather, that could a third off electricity bills.

Free Solar and SolarShare were available in Shropshire for over two years - up until March 2012. In that time, HomeSun was delighted to supply and install many happy homeowners with free solar panels in Shropshire and thousands of solar PV systems nationwide.  This helped many people to cut their electricity bills - like Mr Arnold from Petersfield, one of HomeSun's first customers who saved an enormous £359 on his £1,062 bill. “Never-ending energy price rises don’t worry me so much now” says Mr Arnold. “I know I’m saving money with solar, and by only using the dishwasher and washing machine during the day, I’m saving even more than I thought I would.”

Since the Government reduced the Feed-in Tariff for free solar schemes, HomeSun has closed its Free Solar scheme to focus on delivering jaw-dropping Buy Solar offers -   from £4800 for a 7 panel system and £6800 for a 16 panel (3.92kWp) system! All with guarantees and the HomeSun brand and service promise.

A well sited large system could be earning and saving you £1000 per year, and the Feed-in Tariff subsidy is tax free and guaranteed for 25 years for every system installed before 1st August.

To give you a feel for 'good' solar roofs:

  • South facing
  • The further south and west of the country, the more likely the system will perform better
  • For a twelve panel system, at least 20m2+ of unshaded area with clearance space around the panels

Just click the orange button below so that we could do an initial assessment of your roof and let you know if solar could be good for you.

HomeSun are now offering free cavity wall insulation in Shropshire as part of the government-led ECO programme. Save 20% on your heating bill for free. 

Mr Arnold: Electricity usage ‘before solar’ 2009/10 was 8,246 units / Electricity usage 2010/11 ‘with solar’ was 5,459 units. Total savings of 2,787 units, at 12.8p per units, which equates to £358.97 saved.


Earn government subsidy and cut electricity bills with solar PV in


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HomeSun Solar PV benefits:

  • Could save one third off your electricity bill
  • Earns government’s Feed-in Tariff subsidy
  • Protects you against energy price rises
  • Professional MCS certified installers
  • Cuts you home’s carbon footprint


"Clean, green electricity and complete peace of mind"
Mr Arnold, Hampshire

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